::: welcome

::: Welcome to my personal web page. I am actually a research assistant at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland (Archaeometry research group, Departement of Geoscience), where I write my PhD thesis on the ancient iron metallurgy of the Dogon plateau in Mali. On these pages, you will find my papers and some stuff related to my job, but also some information on the things I like to do on (and off) duty: database development, gis/cartography and web design.

On the field...


::: The aim of my research is to caracterize different technologies found within a small area, mainly by the means of scientific methods applied to metallurgical waste (archaeometry of slags) and excavations of slag heaps and furnaces.
Another major personal interest is about smithing slags. In the framework of joint projects with different swiss archaeological services, I work on several rather large smithing slag assemblies. Here, the main focus lies on methodological aspects related to quantification and classification of slags assemblies.


::: In relation to my work, I do some cartography and GIS (mainly with ArcGIS), and work on satellite imaging (multispectral analysis, digital elevation models). I like to write stand-alone or web-based database applications, partly related to my job, partly as a freelance programmer. On my spare time, I make web sites.


::: address
Sébastien Perret
Archaeometry research group
Mineralogy and Petrography
Departement of Geosciences
6, Chemin du Musée
1700 Fribourg

::: email
sebastien [dot] perret [at] unifr [dot] ch