current research

::: PhD thesis on the archaeometry of ancient iron production sites in Mali.

::: Research on slag assemblies from different swiss antique and protohistoric smithies.


::: Three iron reduction sites of the Dogon area in Mali, dating from the 14th to the 19th century AD, are being investigated for this PhD thesis. While the most important of these sites reveals an industrial like activity and is associated with slag heaps of some thirty thousand tons, the two others are fairly small and turned towards local consumption. The examination of the slags and the excavation of several furnaces show that the three sites, although located in a small area, apply distinct technical solutions. Ongoing archaeometric research will help to characterise these technologies and provides the basis for the quantification of these productions, in order to understand the sites socio-economic background.

smithing slags

::: Several slag assemblies from the gallo-roman smithies of Etagnières (VD), Rodersdorf (SO) and Morat-Combette (FR), as well as from the protohistoric site of Courgevaux-Marais are actually being studied. This work, done in collaboration with the Archaeological Services, is essentially concerned with questions related to quantification and classification. It appears that assemblies of smithing slags seem to be a good way to help establish a typology of archaeological smithies.