Its production started in 1992.An E-180 video tape is able to hold 2 GB of uncompressed data at the lower rate, more than sufficient for most PC hard drives of the time.ArVid 1051/1052 introduced 325 kbyte/s data rate and 128/512 kbyte buffer cache (respectively).

Arvid hanssen

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It was very popular.High reliability, hamming code error correction, easy data copying between two VHS units (eliminating need of a computer for data copying).Device may operate in two modes: low data rate at 200 kbyte /s and high data rate at 325 kbyte/s (equivalent to roughly.33x and.17x CDR recording speed).

ArVid 1020, arVid 1052, arVid ar chiver on, vid eo) (.Unit operation is controlled by a remote control emulator using an LED.