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Norwegian boarding

dla osoby niepełnoletniej podróżującej bez opiekuna; przewożą zwierzęta, instrumenty muzyczne lub broń. Obsługa klienta O Norwegian Język Wybierz język Norge (Norsk)Sverige (Svenska)Danmark (Dansk)UK (English)Ireland (English)Polska (Polski)France (Français)España (Español)Deutschland (Deutsch)Finland

Contents, aviation edit, at commercial airports, a boarding call on the public announcement system asks travelers to proceed to the departure gate and board the aircraft.1, after boarding, the taxiing and takeoff will follow in most cases.

Several boarding patterns by seating location are possible: Back-to-front by row Outside-in by column (window, middle, aisle) Block boarding (outside-in within a zone, with zones ordered back-to-front) Reverse pyramid (combines back-to-front with outside-in) Rotating zone (alternating back-to-front and front-to-back segments) Random Efficiency considerations to minimize.This can begin any time from an hour to thirty minutes before departure (depending on the size of the plane and number of passengers).The pilot is responsible for the boarding as soon as the doors are closed because by law the aircraft is then "in flight".