The ones who write the fairy tales, they have walked on the way of the fairy tale, and there they have experienced the fairy tales, and then they have written them down, said the lady.Noun edit eventyr n ( definite singular eventyret, indefinite plural eventyr, definite plural eventyra ) an adventure fairy tale (a folktale) something exceptionally great References edit eventyr in The Nynorsk Dictionary.2010, Hans Ulrik Schwartzbach, Asta Og Frida, BoD Books on Demand isbn, page 41 Ved I det ikke?

Eventyr troll

julenissen (le lutin de Noël est une invention du 20e siècle, et ne mérite donc pas le brevet d'authenticité norvégienne). Icelandic culture continues to celebrate the supernatural protection over

Eventyr i alaska

trailer tager Andreas Fransson os med på hans hidtil største eventyr i andesbjergene. Kør-selv-ferie New Zealand for livsnydere Eksklusive lodges og gourmetoplevelser er essensen af denne Kør-selv-ferie På sporet

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"Etymology From the Old Norse word æfintýr means Adventure.Abenteuer, Swedish äventyr, pronunciation edit, iPA ( key nty, noun edit eventyr n ( singular definite eventyret, plural indefinite eventyr ) adventure fairy tale, folktale 2012, Johannes Møllehave,.C.