The inhabitants of the department are called.In 869, the king of Middle Francia died without leaving a legitimate heir, and eventually part of that kingdom was added to West Francia to effectively form the medieval Kingdom of France.

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Trafikkulykke på Horgen i Nedre Eiker Nedre Eiker Barne- og ungdomsteater - Peter Pan Rein Alexander i Vestfossen kirke Kraftig front mot front på E 134 i Mjøndalen Grendemøte

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The area then became part of Roman Gaul after its conquest by Julius Caesar around 58 BC, and enjoyed a period of stability.In 1188 the castle was held by Philippe Auguste who was concerned in protecting the drapery business centred in the town and along the banks of the River Indre from fraud.

Interpretation, translation, indre, this article is about the French department.4 The department is made up of 680,910 ha (1,682,600 acres) of land of which 401,535 ha (992,210 acres) are under arable cropping, 85,305 ha (210,790 acres) are grassland, 67,423 ha (166,610 acres) are woodland, 18,110 ha (44,800 acres) are under grapes and 18,273 ha (45,150 acres) are gardens and orchards.Retrieved 29 September 2015.