In Denmark, much of Norway, and the southern and western regions of the Faroe Islands, the name is pronounced more like "life while The only exception to this pattern is in the northern and eastern regions of the Faroe Islands where it is an approximate.For other uses, see.

Leif olav tangen

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Leif dubard

Oslo Nye Teater i 2008. I programmet laget de blant annet en parodi på Karpe Diems hitlåt «Hvite menn som pusher 50», hvor Dubard spiller en mann som pusher.

In no Scandinavian region is the name pronounced like the most commonly heard English language pronunciation, "leaf as that would be a homophone of the unrelated female name, liv/Lif.Contents, use in the Nordic countries edit, spelling and prevalence edit, across the, nordic countries, the most commonly occurring spelling of the name.Princeton,.J.: Princeton University Press, 2008. .

Superstition : belief in the age of science. .Leif Larsen (1906-1990) Norwegian sailor and the most highly decorated allied naval officer of World War II Leif Ove Andsnes (born 1970 Norwegian pianist and exponent of Edvard Grieg Leif Panduro (19231977 Danish novelist and dramatist Leif.49 Wiseman, Richard (Richard John 1966.