1 2, in the, millennium series, Salander has the name "V."Excerpt 'The Girl Who Played With Fire.

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She then supplies Blomkvist with information she hacked from the NSA, which he uses to write an exposé article that results in the arrests of Camilla's accomplices and re-establishes Millennium as the most influential news magazine in Sweden.London, England: Guardian Media Group.

8 She has a large tattoo of a dragon on her back that runs from her shoulder, down her spine, and ends on her buttocks.Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt write: "Although Salander is antagonistic and violent, she doesn't appear to lack a conscience, which is the hallmark trait of a psychopath.She hacks into the network of his company, Solifon, and discovers that his data was stolen by a criminal organization called the "Spider Society with help from accomplices within Solifon and the National Security Agency.