7, a Victorian visitor to the pottery records that he saw an estimated one million jars in storage, waiting to be shipped to a marmalade manufacturer.When the business moved to Newcastle in 1817 the then owner, Robert Maling (son of Christopher Thompson Maling I began to mark pieces with his name.20th century edit, in 1908, with the sale of the packaging goods still buoyant, Maling introduced a new trading name for their decorative wares.

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Many of these designs were from the hand of the father and son team Lucien Emile and Lucien George Boullemier.Somewhere over the centuries the name was anglicized by the addition of a final "g".

If you are a real kernel hacker, come to our maling list and announce yourself.Their interest lies more in the fact that they have survived, rather in any exceptional quality of potting or decoration.