All employees and others who come in contact with employees will be treated with respect regardless of position, religion, age, color, sex, language, political conviction, family status, sexual orientation, etc.When it's too tight it can result in puckered fabric; if the thread is too loose, the result is loopy stitches.

The eldest known name on the farm is Rud in Valley, and the first known owner was Svale Jonsson Smør.Henrik Klaveness, the grandson of Thor Klaveness, took over this property by means of an auction convey of 21 February 1857 and sold it later, on, to Joseph Lyhmann.Automatic Buttonholer, sew a buttonhole in one step and you won't need to stop and turn the fabric or manipulate a dial.

Together for the best solution, nEWS, two Filter Modules delivered in 6 weeks.He owned, at that time, practically all properties and facilities which Framnæs mek Værksted later owned.