The many "the multitude" attested from 1520s.Related Words for many abounding, bountiful, copious, countless, crowded, frequent, innumerable, legion, manifold, multifarious, multiplied, multitudinous, myriad, numberless, numerous, plentiful, populous, prevalent, rife, several Examples from the Web for many Contemporary Examples of many Like many trans users, Transartist often gets used as a source.

Bistro nesodden meny

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Elgstua elverum meny

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Meny (pronounced as, meny citation needed ) is a, norwegian and, danish supermarket chain owned.Related formsovermany, adjective, synonyms for many, sEE more synonyms FOR many ON.Many were unable to attend.

See Food, great For Groups, when you and your friends are ready to feast.Many other things I saw and heard, but was forbidden to relate.Manifold implies not only that the number is large but also that there is variety or complexity.