1a : the inherent character or basic constitution (see constitution sense 2 ) of a person or thing : essence the nature of the controversy b : disposition, temperament it was his nature to look after others.Natures, something new to the game mechanics of Pokemon in the third generation compared to the last two is the addition of Nature Values, or just simply.

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In addition to that, the natures also affect the Pokémon's Pokéathlon stats.Swinnerton her romantic nature 2a : a creative and controlling force in the universe b : an inner force (such as instinct, appetite, desire) or the sum of such forces in an individual 3 : a kind or class usually distinguished by fundamental or essential.Bold, docile, impish, lax, relaxed,.

Below are all the natures and what states they raise.Def Defense Hardy Attack Attack Hasty Speed Defense Impish Defense.This will indicate the stats that the nature of your Pokémon will boost.