Bildeserie, se bilder fra ulykkesstedet her, rørosbanen åpner tidligst lørdag.49 Traffic on the line peaked in the financial year 191920, when the line transported 1,739,262 passengers, and in 191718 when 655,102 tonnes of cargo were hauled.


taken into use from 1931, north of there from 1941. 74 Architecture edit The stations between Hamar and Grundset, and Trondheim and Støre were designed by Georg Andreas Bull

The ships corresponded with the express trains in Trondheim.This would allow for smaller curve radii and cheaper construction.This means that both express passenger and freight trains between Oslo and Trondheim use the Dovre Line.

Combined with the closing of many smaller halts, they allowed travel time between Hamar and Røros to be cut by an hour."Tømmeret tar toget ut av landet".In addition the line is used by freight trains hauling lumber and wood chippings.