Cooperating organizations now look to UNV to take a more prominent and leading role in addressing and promoting the role of volunteers in technical cooperation.From, cambridge English Corpus, a particularly sensitive issue concerns the registration of voters and the respective roles of the electoral commission and the interior ministry.EnglishThere were plenty of role models all around.

From, cambridge English Corpus, the extensive chapter on abolition, for example, skims over modes of liberation, the roles of families and post-liberation livelihoods.In order to facilitate interpretation of the roles that these small parameter s play in the gover ning equations, the equations are rearranged.

From, cambridge English Corpus, there was a stronger rationale for reform and both international and domestic factors played important roles.EnglishAnd most games kind of put the player in the role of Luke Skywalker, this protagonist playing through this story.EnglishTechnology has a role to play.