For other uses, see, tog.In other words, the thermal resistance in togs is equal to ten times the temperature difference (in.

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By the 1700s the noun " tog " was used as a short form for "togman and it was being used for "coat and before 1800 the word started to mean "clothing".1 tog.1,.

2 See also edit If we call the reciprocal of the insulation coefficient, the conductance G in W/m2K then a handy backronym for remembering what Tog means is "10/ G or "Ten Over." original research?Middle English toge "toga" (14c.) was also a cant word for "coat." Online Etymology Dictionary, 2010 Douglas Harper.Old Irish edit Alternative forms edit Pronunciation edit Verb edit tog second-person singular imperative of dogoa Mutation edit Old Irish mutation Radical Lenition Nasalization tog thog tog pronounced with /d -/ Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical.