The cast visited Mexico City and Bogotá and sung live on a Radio Disney event at Luna Park in Buenos Aires.Among the products spawned from the shows are an official magazine (available in Latin America, Italy and Spain sticker album (available in France, Latin America, Italy and Spain a series of books (available in Latin America, France, Spain and Italy) and trading cards (available.The final scenes from the second season were shot in Spain.

León shows the footage of proof on his cellphone to Francesca, but Violetta overhears.With the death of Anthony (the previous director of Studio 21 Pablo exits Studio On Beat at the end of You Mix sponsorship, the site slowly goes bankrupt and it is up to Gregory, the new director, Angie (who returns in this season) and Betto.

Retrieved July 13, 2014.Alessandra De Tommasi (April 10, 2013).In the United States, it premiered on September 1, 2014 on Azteca and ended on December.